Social Media For Law Firms

Social Media For Law Firms


Should Your Law Firm Advertise On Social Media?

Absolutely, your law firm should advertise on social media and there are a vast amount of reasons why. First and foremost the shear volume of people currently on social media exceeds that of any time in history.  In 2021 social media had over 4.480 billion active user and an average annual growth rate of (+13.13%).  Covid-19 also has internet use up by 70%.

Another great reason for a law firm to advertise on social media is the ability to use demographics to target market your ads to people most likely to need your legal services.  For example, a family law firm would be able market their services to people that have the relationship status of “married” and are also interested in divorce.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In allow your law firm to advertise to people via followers on a law firm’s social media pages.  Ads are placed in front of individuals that fit the demographic that are most prone to need your services and they are invited to follow your law firm’s social media page.   The people that like or follow your law firm’s social media page can be advertised to at far less cost.  Using Social  media for law firms is a great way to build what is known as a “marketing funnel”.

Social Media Advertising For Law Firms Is Cost Effective

The cost of social ads is low in comparison to other advertising methods.  Advertising your law firm on social media allows you to reach a lot  more people than you would be able to any other way. This means your law firms advertisements will be seen by a large number of potential clients and for a lot less money. Traditional advertising costs significantly more and does not reach nearly as many people.

Social Media For Law Firms will generate more Website Traffic

Social media for law firms will generate more traffic to your website through advertisements and SEO benefits. Linking your law firm’s social media page to your website will result in far better SEO rankings. All traffic generated by social media can be measured using analytical software. Including a link to your website when submitting a social media advertisement will increase website traffic and conversion rate.



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